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Anytime there is a task or workplace that involves some kind of an environmental risk to an employee, the employer is required to provide personal protective equipment. Not only does it protect the employee from direct harm, PPE also reduces the cost of accidents and also employee down time due to preventable injuries.

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Head Protection

Protect your head against injuries from bumps and falling objects

Respiratory Protection

Protect your breathing and stay healthy even as you work

Face & Eye Protection

Protect your eyes & face from hard light, heat, dust and other objects

Hand Protection

Almost all types of work need gloves, get the right ones

Hearing Protection

Protect your ears from loud noises to prevent hearing problems

Foot Protection

Keep your feet protected from heat, sharp objects and more

PROTECTION Workplace safety

Keeps your workers protected from hazards causing injuries and possible fatalities at work.

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Safety should be a top priority in efforts to meet industry standards and employee protection