Foot Protection

Fall Protection is put in place to prevent the risks associated with falling from heights, reducing impact force, restricting obstacle /ground collision and restricting users from f all hazard areas. Portwest offer a full range of fall protection products for working at height.

When considering the application of fall protection, it can be easier to break it down to its 3 main areas, Anchorage points, full Body harnesses and Connection devices, the ABC of fall protection.

Harness: A safety harness is a protective equipment designed and intended to protect a person, or object from injury or damage. The harness is an attachment between a stationary and non-stationary object and is usually fabricated from rope, cable or webbing and locking hardware.
It can also be described as a body support device consisting of connected straps designed to distribute a fall arresting force over at least the thigh, shoulders and pelvis, with provision for attaching a lanyard, lifeline or other components.

Lifeline: A synthetic or wire rope, rigged from one or more anchors, to which a worker’s lanyard or other part of a personal fall protection system is attached.

Lanyards: A flexible line of webbing, synthetic rope or wire rope that is used to secure a safety belt or full body harness to a lifeline or anchor.