Hand Protection

PPE includes safety gloves and should be used for tasks that can cause hand and skin burns, absorption of harmful substances, cuts, fractures or amputations. A newly expanded range of hand protection styles that caters to all work and safety needs. Only the best materials and manufacturing methods are used in the production of this extensive and highly specialized range.
The range has the following categories;

  • Impact: The latest development in glove technology, this collection of specially designed gloves provide protection to hands from impact hazards. Anti-Impact gloves utilize the latest research in materials technology in order to absorb the maximum amount of force from impacts.
  • Cut: Hand injury is one of the most frequent types of accident reported in the working environment, with cuts and lacerations the biggest concern in this area. our range of cut resistant gloves gives varying degrees of protection depending on what level is required.
  • Grip: The General Handling and Grip Glove category is still one of the most popular collections within the Hand Protection Range. A carefully selected range of coatings, including Latex, Nitrile, Polyurethane and PVC, provides a broad range of styles suited to a diverse range of tasks.
  • Heat: The Heat Protection range provides hand protection against temperatures ranging from 100 degrees to 500 degrees for contact heat, while maintaining exceptional hand dexterity. Trusted to safeguard hands against heat hazards in all work environments.
  • Mechanic: Designed to enhance grip for precision work, this collection protects from a broad range of hazards. The gloves are constructed from highly engineered textiles and offer an extensive selection of colours, lining, and size options. This collection is suitable for mechanic applications, general construction, material handling, carpentry and utility work.
  • Work: One of the best-selling ranges of gloves globally, the Drivers and Riggers collection houses a large selection of work gloves made from premium
    genuine and synthetic leather. This affords the user the best in breathability, durability, comfort and dexterity.
  • Chemical: Working environments using hazardous chemicals and substances can be extremely harmful to workers and the correct protection is a must. We supply a range of gloves which are fully tested and certified to protect from a range of chemicals.
  • Chainmail: Introducing the Chainmail glove, a new collection of styles constructed from stainless steel, offering the ultimate protection and durability when working with sharp blades. Designed especially for use in the meat processing industry where maximum protection against cut and stab injuries is essential.
  • Arc Flash: Designed to offer outstanding protection in the most challenging environments, where there is an increased risk of the electric arc. These specialist gloves greatly reduce the damaging effects of electric arc by providing the wearer with exceptional protection against ARC flash burns and cuts.
  • Food Safe: The Food Safe glove range does not alter food on contact ensuring human health and product composition is protected. The range features disposable and non-disposable working gloves, promoting dexterity, durability and cut protection.
  • Aqua: The ultimate barrier to water, liquids and non-aggressive substances. The Aqua range includes both highly water-resistant and waterproof gloves.