Spill Protection

Introducing a large range of spill control products that efficiently manage any industrial liquid hazard. These products are now needed to comply with health and safety regulations and are your first line of defense against a variety of spills.

There are 3 different ranges:
• Chemical Spill Range
• Maintenance Spill Range
• Oil-Only Spill Range

  • Chemical Spill Range: Chemical absorbents are yellow and are used with most aggressive chemical liquids.
    Melt blown Chemical Absorbents; serve the same function as the melt blown maintenance, the only exception is the high visibility yellow pigment that is added. The only choice for aggressive or
    unknown chemicals.
  • Maintenance Spill Range: Maintenance absorbents are grey and are used with most liquids that do not degrade the absorbent.
    These products will absorb all kinds of industrial liquids including oil based and water based spills. Ideal for use in industrial situations where many different liquids are present at the same time.
  • Oil- Only Spill Range: Oil only absorbents are white or blue and are used with oils, hydrocarbons, and liquids which do not mix with or absorb water.
    These products should only be used in the event of oil based spills such as lubricants, fuels and even vegetable oils. Using hydrophobic technology, they only absorb oil and do not absorb water, remaining buoyant even when saturated.